Today, businesses in our modern world are often defined by the technology that you use. The most successful of businesses will utilize the most recent technology because it is there to make their lives easier. There are always new technologies that are coming out for the purpose of addressing the needs of businesses. If you are interested in getting some of the best new tech gadgets for your business, here are some great options for you to look at.

1TB and 2TB Flash Drives

You know that flash drive that you are using right now? That flash drive is about to get a new upgrade that you may need for your business. Kingston, a name that has long been popular in the technology world for its flash drives, announced in 2017 that they were going to release what they refer to as the “highest capacity USB flash drive”. Their new offering comes in both 1TB and 2TB versions. This can be a great tool for businesses that need a reliable and high capacity USB flash drive for their employees.

AirBar for MacBook                                                  

Do you have a MacBook Air but want the same capabilities of other touchscreen laptops? You may not be able to buy a Mac right now with that ability but thanks to the AirBar, you now have this chance. Through an easy to use plug and play setup, this new gadget offers touchscreen capabilities to this notebook. This is an especially useful gadget for businesses that need to draw on their tablets or create other presentations.

New Samsung Chromebook

Speaking of computers with touchscreen capabilities, there is also the new Samsung Chromebook Plus. This is a new, high end Chromebook that offers power and portability. With the ability to draw on this screen, you can have an easy and convenient way to create your presentation. There is also the new Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 Hybrid. Promising to be a lighter and thinner option than its Surface competition, this is a great tablet/laptop option for professionals that need portability and flexibility.

Linksys Velop Mesh Router

Have you been looking for a new Wi-Fi solution for your business? It can be annoying and affect your productivity when you have blind spots in your business’ Wi-Fi. Rather than dealing with numerous routers around the office, the Linksys Velop has a great solution for you. This is a mesh router system that promises users full internet speeds throughout the office without a drop in your internet service.

Typlet T1S

A last mention of upcoming new technology is the Typlet T1S. This technology is set to appear later this year according to estimates and offers a new interactive way to put on presentations. It will have both Android and Window variants so that many different businesses can use this neat technology. What this technology does is allow you to project your presentations onto walls and tables. It can be expensive but this is a bit pricey as of right now.

These are all exciting products that are set to be released in 2017, some are already available as of the writing of this article.


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