I recently did an email upgrade for a client and was really struck with how much better and easier Mac is to work with. Sure, there’s a learning curve on software and programs, but overall the functionality and ease of use with a Mac makes it a no-brainer on which to choose.

Before I dive in I want to make clear this isn’t going to be an end all be all discussion and analysis of operating systems, programs, software, etc. This is more a big picture look at what I experienced with one client and why I told him he should seriously consider switching his office to Mac when it comes time for a technology upgrade.

This client is a small business, 5 employees total. Within that small business are 7 PCs – 4 laptops and 3 desktops. Between the 7 there were 4 different operating systems. So here we go with issue number 1.



For years Microsoft has felt the need to radically change the look, feel and function of their operating system from time to time. In reality, once you learn the new one, you’re off and running and fine. But the learning curve can be a pain in the butt. What was once familiar and simple is not different and you have to figure out what’s gone and what remains (and how what remains has changed). For example, not too long ago Microsoft announced the death of MS Paint with the next Window OS, I program that has been around for longer than I can remember. That proposed change caused an internet firestorm, people like and use that simple little program. Now I hear it may be for sale as an add-on, no doubt that will continue to annoy MS users. Also, many users dread the update and often wait until their PC forces them to update. And with Windows 10 there was a huge move to switch back to Windows 8 (I was one of them) once people saw how 10 functioned. And even with Windows 8, it was sorely lacking until the 8.1 version was released.

With Mac, you simply update when your machine tells you to and by and large each new version of iOS is an improvement on the last. Things look and feel much the same and the learning curve is generally just figuring out the enhancements. And rarely are beloved programs given the ax just for the sake of doing so.



Speaking of updates, here’s another area where Mac excels. Updates are easy to install and while they do force them at some point, it makes your machine run better.

With my above-mentioned client, some of their PC hadn’t been updated in years, so when it came time to update them all and get them on the same operating system, it was a time-management nightmare. Hours where spent, especially with the older machines, getting everything up and running and on the same “page.”



Along the same lines as the updates nightmare, keeping virus, malware and spyware definitions current on Windows PC is often a pain. Standard install anti-virus programs are sometimes effective, sometimes not, and installing outside anti-virus, spyware and malware removal programs can cause real issues with both the function and protection of a PC. Plus, the majority of viruses, malware and spyware are aimed at PCs, why? Because they’re easier to attack and damage.

Again, here Mac shines. It used to be said that Macs were virus-proof. Given how much more sophisticated viruses, malware and spyware have become, that is no longer 100% true… but ask any former PC using Mac lover like me and we’ll tell you there’s no comparison. Macs are much safer and the protections come with the iOS updates making them simple to install.


So, there’s my 2 cents based on a nightmare experience with 7 PCs that were all out of date on the OS and virus protections. You may disagree, but those are just some of the reasons I’ll never buy a PC again!

Ps. Yes, I know Mac’s are much more expensive and they are absolutely worth the extra cost!

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