When you own a business, you want to make sure that you are doing whatever is necessary to run it as efficiently as possible. Your bottom line depends on that. This means that you need to know what types of software are going to best meet the needs of your business at the best price. To help you with this wise investment, here are some of the must-have business software for your business.


If you are a small business, this is definitely a program that you should look into if you need a great accounting software for your business. In 2016, this award-winning software was recognized for its excellence. It is inexpensive as far as this type of software goes and you will get excellent customer support. Freshbook also has some incredible features that you are going to love. You can upgrade this software to get more features as your business grows, which is an added bonus. Plus, it has a highly responsive mobile app that has an easy to use and clean interface available for iOS, Android, and accessible for mobile web users.

  1. ADP

This is software that not only handles a wide array of Human Resources services, but it is most valuable for its payroll features. This can be a great option for a small business that may need help with their payroll. With this software, a business can handle payroll online, pay employees through direct deposit, file and submit any new hire documents, automatically pay all required taxes, set up Worker’s Comp, and give employees logins to manage their account and its information.

  1. GOCO.IO

As far as one of the top HR software suites available, GoCo.io truly stands out. It has a platform that is sleek and easy-to-use. The core part of the software is free, meaning that it is certainly a more affordable option. This program offers a great selection of features including document management, tax forms, onboarding, paid time off tracking, benefits management and can even sync with your payroll.


One of the biggest issues that any business faces is employee engagement. This is the issue that TinyPulse is trying to help businesses solve. This program sends out surveys and other opportunities for employees to get the chance to express their opinions. TinyPulse is a small enough program that can make a big difference in your company.


For those businesses that are looking for an CRM system that is easy to use and powerful, Insightly is a great option. With this program, you are able to integrate G Suite, MailChimp, Office 365, and all the major social media sites. It also has amazing mobile apps for smartphones and tablets. This is also a great option for businesses that seem to be growing and want software that can keep up with them.

These are just a few of the many excellent programs out there for your business. It is important to always do your research to ensure that you are choosing the best option for your company’s needs.

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